Step-by-step: webshop setup
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Step 1 - Choose your setup method

Shopping Cart Integration

If you choose to use one of the leading Shopping Carts such as Adobe Commerce (formerly Magento), WooCommerce, PrestaShop, OpenCart, Shopware or Drupal Commerce read the documentation on relevant platform setup.

❗️ Before downloading the plugin, check the version that is compatible with your shopping cart platform. You can use this service to obtain more details about your webshop.

Here is the list with all supported Shopping Carts:

πŸ›’ Magento 1

πŸ›’ Magento 2

πŸ›’ WooCommerce

πŸ›’ Prestashop

πŸ›’ OpenCart 3

πŸ›’ Shopware 5

πŸ›’ Shopware 6

Once you have determined the relevant plugin version for your platform, click on the blue download button in the top right corner of the documentation page. Fill out the short request form, and xpate will send you an email with the link to download the requested plugin.

Step 2 - Get your Sandbox testing credentials

Shortly after you are fully onboarded with us and can access our portal, our technical support team will provide you with test credentials. These credentials include an API Key/Merchant ID, a Test API Token, and two certificates. You will receive these details securely by email.

ℹ️ Using test credentials will allow you to perform payment tests to ensure proper setup, but will not allow for real payments.

Using test credentials will allow you to perform payment tests to ensure proper setup, but will not allow for real payments.

Step 3 - Integration and Configuration

After receiving the test credentials and downloading the plugin, wrapper, or making an API integration, you just need to follow the instructions we have compiled in our documentation for each plugin separately.

To configure your test payment environment, follow the step-by-step instructions in the documentation to carefully set your test keys and certificates.

Step 4 - Testing

After integrating and configuring your payment system, it's crucial to test the payment flow. It's best to test all payment methods you plan to offer to your clients. If you are planning to offer only Card payments, refer to the Card Payment testing section. However, if you plan also to provide payment options via Google Pay or/and Apple Pay, please refer to the relevant sections below.

The purpose of payment testing is to verify that all configurations are correct and that the system will function smoothly before going live. This ensures that you can confidently start collecting payments from your clients.

Card payment testing

In order to make sure the setup is completed correctly, we have collected relevant test card details (the table below) for you to perform Card payment testing.

Using the test card details of VISA and MasterCard, go to your webshop and make a few test purchases to get:

➑️ Payment with a VISA card with the result "success"

➑️ Payment with a VISA card with the result "fail"

➑️ Payment with a MasterCard with the result "success"

➑️ Payment with a MasterCard with the result "fail"



Expiry Date




any 3 digits

any future date




any 3 digits

any future date




any 3 digits

any future date




any 3 digits

any future date


Google Pay testing

To test Google Pay, follow these steps:

  1. Choose Google Pay as your payment option on the payment page.

  2. Click "Pay" to be redirected to the Google Wallet emulator.

  3. You will see test cards in the emulator provided by Google.

  4. Select any of the available cards and proceed with the transaction.

  5. Ensure that the transaction is successful.

Note that if you are not using HPP, it is important to follow these instructions closely to ensure that your Google Pay integration is successful.

ℹ️ Note that in order to connect Google Pay in production, you need to go through onboarding at Google and share the Google merchant ID with xpate.

Apple Pay testing

To test Apple Pay you need to make sure that a real card is linked to your Apple Wallet (do not worry, there will be no charges), then you need to select Apple Pay on the payment page. This payment method is available for Apple-supported devices, with touch ID-enabled web browsers and apps), when you click on pay, you will be redirected to your Apple wallet, select your card and make a successful transaction.

In case you do not use HPP, please follow the instructions in the documentation.

Step 5 - Inform xpate about successful test

After you have completed testing all the payment methods required, it's important to inform the xpate team promptly. This information is crucial to ensure that the configuration and integration of the payment methods have been successful. As soon as we receive confirmation of successful testing, we will provide you with production credentials, which will enable you to start collecting payments from your customers through your e-commerce platform. Use our chat service in portal or send us a letter with the subject "Test Successful". Include yours Merchant ID / Test API Key.

πŸš€ Visit our Starting live sales page to start accepting real funds in your online store.

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